Are you a supervisor? Do you aspire to be a manager maybe even a department head? Are you currently a supervisor, manager, department head? Being an effective leader and supervisor takes skills and knowledge, tools that very few of us are born with. Yet we often get promoted without those tools.

The Trindel Insurance Fund Leadership Supervision Training Program (L.S.T.P.) is designed to help you get those tools. L.S.T.P. courses are available to every supervisor, first line to department head throughout the year in each of the ten member counties of Trindel Insurance Fund. The topics for these courses are organized into four phases, basic to advanced, covering the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective leader and supervisor.

Trindel Leadership Training

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Phase I - Fundamentals of Leadership and Supervision

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Supervisors
  • Introduction to California Labor Code
  • Introduction to California State and County Government
  • Interpersonal Communication for supervisors
  • Written Communication and Documentation
  • Leadership styles and application
  • Ethics in Local Government

Phase II - Employee Development

  • Performance Expectations
  • Assessing workplace training needs
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Motivation, Reinforcement, Recognition and Accountability
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Managing Change
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Phase III - Process Management

  • Time management
  • Defining goals and objectives
  • Developing and delivering presentations
  • Conducting productive meetings
  • Local government budgeting
  • Fundamentals of worker's compensation

Phase IV - Advanced Leadership & Supervisor

  • Evaluating performance
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Grievances process and mediation
  • Employee rights and responsibilities
  • Conflict resolution and Problem solving
  • Developing Written Policies and Procedures
  • Advanced Ethical Issues
  • The Brown Act

Want to know more?

Contact your Loss Prevention Specialist and ask about the LSTP in your county. (Trindel Insurance Fund members only) The lumber is there to build the house but you still need a hammer and saw. Here is a chance to get the tools you need.


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Leadership Supervision Training (Trindel Staff Provided):

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Independent Employee Action Defense
  • Loss Prevention and the Supervisor
  • Leading To An Efficient Workplace
  • Instructional Techniques for Supervisors
  • Communication with Disabled Persons
  • The Coaching Supervisor

Leadership Supervision Training (Contract Trainer Provided):

  • AB 1825 - EEO/Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Internal Investigations
  • AB 1234 – Understand Your Ethical Responsibilities
  • Managing Leave of Absence
  • Reasonable Accommodation
  • Family Medical Leave Act