Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a FREE service to all County employees. Trindel Insurance Fund provides for confidential professional counseling to help employees and their family members resolve issues that affect their personal lives and/or work performance.

What does Trindel do for you:

  • Provides a current Employee Assistance Provider List on our website
  • Verify the Provider is licensed and insured
  • Pays for three (3) sessions within any six (6) month period per County employee
  • Provide the best service possible for the County employees

How to Start:

  1. Choose an EAP Provider from our EAP Provider List on our website: (trindel.org) under programs menu
  2. Make an appointment with an EAP Provider of your choice from our list
  3. Take a copy of your most recent paystub or County badge to your first visit
  4. Contact Trindel Insurance Fund or your Loss Prevention Specialist if you have any questions
  5. You will receive up to three (3) sessions within any six (6) month period that may be used for the employee, their spouse and their dependent minor children as defined by the IRS
  6. Feel free to fill out the “Evaluation of Provider Form” found on the right

The service is to maintain or improve employee efficiency through identification and referrals for counseling, treatment or therapy in connection with personal problems affecting employee performance.

EAP Brochure

Provider List